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Since 1997, medavis has been synonymous with medical IT that goes the extra mile – state-of-the-art software technology, future-oriented, scalable and upgradable IT processes as well as customised services.

medavis RIS makes uses of the latest developments in software. Instead of merely modifying an existing system, we created a brand new technology platform. That way, you benefit from the advantages of modern software architecture.

Radiology is undergoing dramatic changes: parameters such as networked locations, decentralized working and flexible exchange of information are already changing the shape of day-today operations, and will continue to do so even more in the future. These changes create brand new challenges – and brand new opportunities.

Make the most of this enormous potential – together with us.

medavis RIS concepts

Radiological practice

Clinical radiology


Referrer portal


Medical centres, hospitals, clinic chains and teaching institutions across the world – over 450 medical institutions rely on our radiology workflow solutions medavis RIS and portal4med.

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medavis RIS solutions

Call Center

Efficient Scheduling
Individual Scheduler Display
Faster Service for Patients

Call identification

Better patient service
Efficient Appointment Allocation
Calling Back Made Easy

Report management console

Optimal Resource Planning
From Dictation to Writing Service
Controlling Across Sites

Digital dictation

Quicker from dictation to report
Up to 80% incrase in efficiency
Quality Increase in report process


External transcription service
Flexible and site independent
Transparent progress

Labolatory integration

Integrated labolatory reports
Flexible data transmission
Highest flexibility

Integrated speech recognition

Efficient reporting
Higher productivity
Quicker results

Medical research

Intelligent report search
Optimised diagnostics
Prepare Training Efficiently


Central RIS storage
Quick and Context-related display
Quick and easy archiving

Diagnostic patient center

All data at a glance

Word processing

Efficient evaluation
Shorter evaluation times
Latters and serial letters


Report communication via fax
Professional fax reports
Sending status at a glance

Mail server

Sending reports automatically
The latest security standard
Professional report messages


Billing at the click of a button
Retrace received payments
Professional invoices & reminders


Retracing changes quickly
Searches made easy
Quickly view the change history

Medical documentation

Complete patient history
Direct data entry
Automatic worklist


Effective management
Analysis at the Click of a button
Optimised Controlling


Evaluation across sites
Increase of report quality

Referrer portal

External scheduling
Direct report access

Patient portal

External report access
Individually expandable

Teaching archive

Thematic search