EMD - Billing


EMD Radiology Billing System allows healthcare institutions to bill for their services and create invoices for private and commercial partners, as well as for Polish National Health Fund and private insurers.

Using the HL7 standard all the data related to billing are transferred from the Radiology Information System (RIS) to the EMD Billing System in real time.

Intuitive graphical user interface and state of the art technology ensure fast and accurate settlements.

EMD Radiology Billing System is fully customizable to meet the needs of each particular customer.

Review of provided services

Easy analysis of all the data related to billing. Customized data quality verification. Rebate, factors and promotion campaigns support. Automatically generated billing suggestions can be manually confirmed or adjusted.

Private patient settlements control

Settlements of services provided to private patients with fiscal receipts and fiscal daily reports support.

Sales documents

Issue, print or export to Excel or PDF invoices, collective invoices, corrections or other sales documents. Integration with third-party ERP systems.


EMD Radiology Billing System takes care of your private, commercial and NHF settlements


EMD Radiology Billing System is fully compliant with state regulations and the National Health Fund requirements in the range of outpatient health services. System matches the codes of provided services to the corresponding national payment catalogues.

Billing process can be optimised using various verification rules, including automatic checks of patient insurance status (possibility of integration with state or private insurers databases).

Verification of provided services

Verifies provided services for NHF patients; statistical and billing data, settlement status.

Electronic reporting

Bidirectional electronic reporting in open XML format.

NHF settlements

Issues invoices and other sales documents in accordance with valid contracts. Limits control.

Waiting queues reporting

Automatically generates waiting queues reports.

Financial reports and statistics

Analysis of all collected data - sales and limits control, insurance verification, statistical purposes.