EMD InvoicingTool

The EMD stock management and invoicing tool is a flexible and simple-to-use solution that allows you to:

  • Create customer invoices in seconds,
  • Track your up-to-date product inventory
  • Automatically calculate your salespeople’s commissions,
  • Store and analyze any sales-related data.

Easy to use

The system is extremely easy to use –no training necessary

Fully customizable

The EMD stock management and invoicing tool can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your sales and customer support organization

System at a glance

Customer section

that includes all information about each customer such as customer details for contact and invoicing, customized prices for each stock item, all invoices issued to this customer, annual sales figures, etc. Searching by customer name or any other relevant parameter (e.g. city) is possible.

Product section

that includes data for each stock item, such as current quantity available, purchase price and the history of all purchases of this item, customized prices for different customers and sales history of each stock item. Searching by item number / name is possible.

Purchases section

that enables fast and easy input of all the data on purchased items (item number, quantity, price). There is a possibility to attach documents – such as incoming invoices, packing lists, customs forms, etc. It is possible to search and sort the data by various parameters, such as invoice number, invoicing date, total value, etc.

Invoices section

that allows to create outgoing invoices in seconds. The data for outgoing invoices are populated from drop-down lists or filled in automatically. There is a possibility to add salesperson’s commission for each invoice – either automatic or variable by each item sold. Upon filling in the data, a PDF version of an invoice is generated automatically. Invoices contain QR codes for fast payment. It is possible to search and sort invoice(s) by variable parameters such as customer name, date, payment status, invoice number, invoice value, etc.

Reporting section

that allows to generate various reports and statistics, such as automatic calculation of salespeople’s commission per month, Excel list of all the incoming and outgoing invoices per defined period, a list of unpaid invoices, sales statistics for each stock item over a defined period of time, etc.