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Find the right person, right away
Search the Directory to quickly locate colleagues, even at other organizations.

Stay on top of what’s most important
Unique audible and visual alerts ensure you always see high priority messages.

Ensure your team never misses a beat
Use group messaging to quickly share information with the entire patient care team.

MedText your way to compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most important changes to data privacy regulation in decades. It’s also one of the most complex.

But you don’t need to be a GDPR expert to keep your communications GDPR compliant. MedText helps take care of your data while you take care of your patients.

Keep your options open

Android or iOS — take your pick. MedText works on both operating systems so you can use the phone you already own to stay connected at work.

Get moving at light speed

If you know how to text, you know how to MedText. No steep learning curve, no lengthy training, no frustration — just download the app and start MedTexting.

Make hard work easier

Taking care of patients is complicated but communicating about them shouldn’t be. MedText is designed for healthcare so providers can work together with ease.

Typical messaging apps

Encrypt your messages end-to-end



Protect your data with technical and organizational safeguards



Recover your data in case of accidental loss


Automatically erase unnecessary personal data


Remotely delete data from lost or stolen devices


Provide compliance tools for your Data Protection Officer


The latest healthcare technology?
It’s already in your pocket.

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