We offer Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) by the German producer VISUS. VISUS specializes in developing vendor-independent DICOM PACS since 2000, and has more than 1000 installations worldwide.

VISUS is one of the leading providers of process-oriented solutions for imaging and diagnostic management. The JiveX product family covers the full range of imaging and diagnostic data communication, from PACSs for radiology clinics to hospital solutions spanning multiple departments and sites. Thanks to their use of internationally recognized standards, VISUS solutions—all of which are developed in Germany—can be readily integrated into existing systems.

A key feature of JiveX products is an open system structure that allows for seamless integration in existing IT architectures, regardless of the manufacturer. This is made possible by consistently implementing internationally recognized IHE standards. The use of standards creates transparency and serves as a prerequisite for an expandable, forward-looking IT infrastructure that offers users the development flexibility they need.


The Modern Image and Diagnostic Report Management System for All Fields of Medicine

JiveX Concepts


Healthcare Networks

Imaging Centers

Women´s Health



Rozwiązania JiveX

JiveX Radiology

Management of Radiological Images - from Distribution to Audit-Proof Long-Term Archiving

JiveX Mammography

Seamless Image Logistics, Optimized Reporting, and Archiving in Mammography

JiveX Sonography

Reporting of Sonograms in the Clinical Workflow

JiveX Radiotherapy

Integration of Radiotherapy into Enterprise-Wide Communication

JiveX Endoscopy

Integrating Endoscopy into Campus-Wide Image Management

JiveX Cardiology

Seamless Workflows in Cardiology - from Reporting to Archiving

JiveX Orthopedics

Optimizing Quality in Orthopedics through IT-Supported Planning and Image Management

JiveX Reha

Efficient Image Management for Rehabilitation Organizations

JiveX OR

Seamless Image Management Around the Intervention

JiveX Dental

Digital X-Ray Images Optimize Patient Care in Dental Medicine

JiveX Mobile and JiveX Web

Access your data, anywhere, anytime

JiveX PDF Print Gateway

Don‘t Print, Go Digital

JiveX Medical Archive

Vendor neutral archive

JiveX Integrated Imaging

Integrated Image Management for all Clinical Departments in the Hospital


Integrating ECG Waveforms into Campus-Wide Image Management

JiveX Telemedicine

Communication with Referring Physicians, and Telemedicine Services

JiveX Data Center

Audit-Proof Long-Term Archiving for Hospital Groups and Data Centers

JiveX Multi Site PACS

Fast and Secure Communication of Image Data across Multiple Sites

JiveX Visual Documentation

End-to-End Image Management Requires Integration of Diverse Visual Data