epare® (electronic patient care record) is an innovative software solution designed by EMD for optimization of the work of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

epare® allows EMS paramedics and physicians to fill in the complete patient care record on a touch-screen tablet PC in the field.     

epare® is used every day by hundreds of ambulance cars in Europe.   

EMD has accumulated a vast experience of developing tailor-made epare® solutions for EMS. We provide the full range of services from development to installation to training and long-term support (on site and in local language). EMD is one of the few companies that has succeeded in delivering working epare® solutions in various countries with different workflow, integration and language requirements. We are on track to become the leading epare® provider in Europe.


Fast, easy and accurate completion of a patient care record in the field

Real-time transmission of an electronic patient care record to a central station and / or hospital for efficient patient treatment

Easy and precise analysis of all the data collected by the EMS during the run

epare® features

Simple user interface for fast data entry

Full customization to meet the requirements of each particular EMS

Possibility of integration with EMS Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, so that all the primary information of an emergency call can be transmitted from a call taker to the EMS crew via mobile internet

Final report completely matches a paper one currently in use and can be printed out for archiving or hand-over

Integration with a defibrillator-monitor on board of an EMS car, so that all the patient vital signs (including 12-lead ECG) can be attached to an electronic patient care record, and immediately transmitted to hospital for efficient patient treatment

Easy remote monitoring and management of the system from the administrator’s desk, so that software updates can be performed without taking the tablet PCs out of the field

Integration with other third-party IT systems, such as hospital information systems (HIS), state and private insurance databases, billing systems, vehicle computers, etc.

Easy archiving and analysis of all the data collected in the field for quality control, billing, insurance, legal, inventory management, statistical and other purposes with a help of a customized report engine